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 Legit Runescape Pins for only $5-6 [Paypal]

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PostSubject: Legit Runescape Pins for only $5-6 [Paypal]   Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:58 pm

That's right cheap pins good for 1 month each. The cheapest you get membership is $6 and that's with bank details and PayPal is even more. But here I am selling pins for just:
1-2 pin $6
3-5 pins $5.50
6+ pins $5

I will not go first except to trusted members (Needs evidence). You can either give me your runescape username and password so I can enter it myself or I give the pin to you and you enter it. I can't guarantee a refund/replacement if you enter it yourself.

What you get:
- Pins that you brought.
- A guide to entering them.
- A help contact for 2 weeks

To buy: Send the required money to though PayPal stating your e-mail and your runescape details (If using first method) as a gift.
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Legit Runescape Pins for only $5-6 [Paypal]
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