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 selling dumps fresh tracks cvv fullz msr206/606 cloned cards

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PostSubject: selling dumps fresh tracks cvv fullz msr206/606 cloned cards   Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:34 pm

Selling Dumps/Tracks 1 and 2/Cvv Fullz/Msr206 Magnetic card reader-writer + CD Tutorial and easy to use CD software + 150 Blank Hi-Co cards. Very good prices, for serious buyers only no time wasters. Selling Clone Platinum/Gold/Infinite/Classic/Business/Corporate/Signature cards high balances, wide range of stock list from United States, United Kingdom and Europe. Several Bins Accessible discount when purchasing 2 or more. Please feel free to E-mail me for further information.

US Dumps:
US Classic -$170x5
US Gold -$180 x5
US Platinum -$300 x3
US Business/Corporate -$400
US Purchasing/Signature -$270
US MC World -$200 x3

Canada Dumps:
Canada Classic -$170 x5
Canada MC Standard -$150 x5
Canada Gold -$150 x5
Canada Platinum -$300 x3
Canada MC World -$170 x5

Europe Dumps:
EU Classic -£130 x3
EU MC Standard -£130 x3
EU Gold -£170 x2
EU Platinum -£250 x2
EU Business/Corporate -£270
EU Infinite -£350
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Yahoo IM -
YouTube -
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selling dumps fresh tracks cvv fullz msr206/606 cloned cards
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